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Sealed bearings

  • Tapered-roller


    The inner and outer rings have tapered raceways, and there are tapered rollers between the raceways. If the tapered surface is extended, it will eventually converge at a point on the bearing axis. Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear combined radial and axial loads, mainly radial loads. The axial load carrying capacity of the bearing is determined by the contact angle, the larger the antenna angle, the greater the axial load carrying capacity. Tapered roller bearings are separable bearings. The inner ring with rollers and cage constitutes an inner component, which can be installed separately from the outer ring. This kind of bearing can limit the axial displacement of one side of the shaft or the housing, and does not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the housing hole. Under the action of radial load, additional axial force will be generated. Therefore, generally in the two bearings of the bearing, the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing are installed corresponding to each end face.

  • Sealed bearings

    Sealed bearings

    Tapered roller bearings refer to radial thrust rolling bearings with tapered rollers. There are two types: small cone angle and large cone angle. The small cone angle mainly bears the combined radial and axial load based on the radial load. It is often used in double use and reverse installation. The inner and outer races can be installed separately. The radial and axial clearances can be adjusted during installation and use; The large taper angle mainly bears the combined axial and radial load based on the axial load. Generally, it is not used to bear the pure axial load alone, but can be used to bear the pure radial load when configured in pairs (the ends of the same name are installed relative to each other).